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The Event

After I arrived, I was ushered into what I thought was the green room. But instead of being wired with a microphone or taken to a stage, I just sat there at a plain round table as my audience was brought to me: five super-wealthy guys — yes, all men — from the upper echelon of the hedge fund world. After a bit of small talk, I realized they had no interest in the information I had prepared about the future of technology. They had come with questions of their own.

They started out innocuously enough. Ethereum or bitcoin? Is quantum computing a real thing? Slowly but surely, however, they edged into their real topics of concern.

Which region will be less impacted by the coming climate crisis: New Zealand or Alaska? Is Google really building Ray Kurzweil a home for his brain, and will his consciousness live through the transition, or will it die and be reborn as a whole new one? Finally, the CEO of a brokerage house explained that he had nearly completed building his own underground bunker system and asked, “How do I maintain authority over my security force after the event?”

* * *

Это только "учоные" пиздоболы уверяют что "миллионы лет" до конца света. А он походу реально происходит как часы где-то раз в 1000 лет. Я как то сопоставлял карты движения южного полюса. В "древности" трасса с отметками 500 миллионов лет, 300 миллионов лет, 100 миллионов лет. И современный сдвиг по данным со спутников ESA: 10 лет на половину пути параллельно старой траектории. И осталось нам до the eventа года 3 максимум по моим прикидкам.

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