ckotinko (ckotinko) wrote,

Ыыы, так это либерасты в Онтарской области чудят

The Liberals: Kathleen Wynne. - a black legacy..
Medical helicopters - important? Opps! Privatising a public service which resulted in over spending, corruption, nepotism and waste. It was under the previous premier, but the same government and she was health minister!
Power plant scandal. Her party cancelled a project with cancellation costs of ~$1 billion to save 2 riding seats - also under the previous leader, but again, she was a high ranking member in that party. "Some one else did it!" and "Its the past, lets move on" dismiss mistakes that need to be addressed so they aren't repeated. Looks like more cover-up.

Пиздили миллиардами а потом делали непонимающие глаза и говорили "ну это же все в прошлом" или "все украдено до нас". Пусть ебут канадцев, за поддержку укрии.

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